One of the side effects of writing is that it begins a discussion. An author never knows where that discussion can lead, and that’s often the part of the journey with the longest legs. Here are some examples of stories that have involved me; many times without my knowledge.

  • Medred, Craig. “Strange things done.” Craig Medred, (2017): [database online.] 29 04 2017.

[Original Craig Medred link]

  • Hughes, Zacharia. “With loss of leader, Alaska Commons faces uncertain future.” Alaska Public Media, (2017): [database online.] 26 04 2017.

[Original Alaska Public link]

  • Bryant, Heather. “Why Journalists Should Worry About ‘Satellite Reporting,’ Parachute Reporting’s Pernicious Cousin.” Media Shift, (2017): [database online.] 05 01 2017.

[Original Media Shift link]

  • Roberts, Chris. “How Alaska Gun Nuts May Save Legal Marijuana in California (and Beyond).” High Times, (2017): [database online.] 22 02 2017.

[Original High Times link]

  • Demboski, Amy. “Demboski Explains Her Side.” Echo News, (2016): [database online.] 12 12 2-16.

[Original Echo News link]

  • Reynolds, Casey. “Podcast Special: Alaska Commons and Midnight Sun Discuss Greg Jones vs Amy Demboski.” The Midnight Sun, (2016): [database online.] 07 12 2016.

[Original Midnight Sun link]

  • Staff. “Candidates to meet September 17 in Palmer.” Alaska Business Monthly, (2015): [database online.] 15 09 2015.

[Original Alaska Business Monthly link]

  • Ring, Trudy. “BREAKING: Marriage Equality Suit Filed in Alaska.” The Advocate, (2014): [database online.] 12 05 2014.

[Original Advocate link]

  • Widerquist, Karl. “The Basic Income Guarantee Becomes a Rorschach Test in the U.S. Media.” The Basic Income Guarantee Blog, (2014): [database online.] 27 01 2014.

[Original USBIG link]

  • Maddow, Rachel. “New anti-Obamacare ads are Classic Koch.” The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC (2013): [database online.] 18 11 2013.

[MSNBC video clip]

  • Cooper, Steve. “Meet Alaska’s Own Scott Walker: Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan.” The We Party, (2013): [database online.] 07 11 2013.

[Original link]

  • Staff. “The Fix’s best state-based political reporters.” Washington Post, (2013): [database online.] 26 05 2013.

[Original Washington Post link]

  • Maxwell, Lauren. “House Majority Response to Same-Sex Civil Unions Question Goes Viral.” KTVA (2013): [database online.] 18 02 2013.

[original KTVA link]

  • McAllister, Bill. “Leftist Blogger Takes on Rev. Prevo.” KTVA (2011):[database online.] 10 08 2011.
  • Loerb, Carl. “John Aronno Launches Smear Attack Against Jerry Prevo And Anchorage Baptist Temple, Compares Them To Westboro Baptist Church.” Alaska Pride. 28 07 2011. Web. 28 07 2011.
  • Buchanan, Susy. “Out of the shadows: Graphic novel gives Anchorage immigrants a voice.” Anchorage Press (2011): [database online.] 15 06 2011.

[original Press link, web cache, related media]

  • Meteor Blades, “Introducing Netroots Nation 2011 scholarship winners.” Daily Kos (2011): [database online.] 05 06 2011.

[original Daily Kos link, web cache]

  • Johnson, Eli. “Character outweighs party affiliations.” the Northern Light (2011): [database online.] 05 04 2011.

[original TNL link, web cache]

  • Green, Mel. “Help LGBT ally John Aronno go to Netroots Nation!.”Bent Alaska (2011): [database online.] 11 03 2011.

[original Bent Alaska link, web cache]

  • Britton, Peg. “WILLOW PALIN, DEROGATORY SLURS, FACEBOOK AND A TEACHABLE MOMENT.” Kansas Prairie (2010): [database online.] 18 11 2010.

[original Kansas Prairie link, web cache]

  • “Bristol Palin apologizes for sisters’ comments in Facebook flame war.” Anchorage Daily News (2010): [database online.] 17 11 2010.

[original ADN link, web cache, original Alaska Commons post]

  • Christiansen, Scott. “Senatorial shenanigans – The Senate Democratic Campaign Committee gives conservative independent candidate Phil Dziubinski a last minute boost he didn’t ask for.” Anchorage Press (2010): [database online.] 03 11 2010.

[original Press Link, web cache]

  • Devon, Jeanne. “Election Night Photos.” the Mudflats (2010): [database online.] 03 11 2010.

[original Mudflats link, web cache]

  • Biegel, Linda Kellen. “Rally to Restore Sanity in Anchorage – Photos.”the Mudflats (2010): [database online.] 31 10 2010.

[original Mudflats link, web cache]

  • Eppler, Patti. “Facebook friends are not always what they seem.” Alaska Dispatch (2010): [database online.] 25 10 2010.

[original Alaska Dispatch link, web cache]

  • Devon, Jeanne. “Taping Tonight Starts The 2nd Season Of Moore Up North!.” the Mudflats (2010): [database online.] 05 08 2010.

[original Mudflats link, web cache]

  • Biegel, Linda Kellen. “Speed Hump Consultant? The jokes write themselves….” the Mudflats (2010): [database online.] 23 07 2010.

[original Mudflats link, web cache]

  • Saul, Joshua. “‘Go ROGUE in Sarah’s favorite SUV!’.” Alaska Dispatch(2010): [database online.] 22 06 2010.

[original Alaska Dispatch link, web cache]

  • “Did you miss the fisheries debate in Kodiak?.” Alaska Dispatch (2010): [database online.] 01 06 2010.

[original Alaska Dispatch link, web cache]

  • “Candidates for governor talk fish in Kodiak debate.” Anchorage Daily News (2010): [database online.] 01 06 2010.

[original ADN link, web cache, original Alaska Commons post]

  • “Your ‘innocent’ bumper sticker can cause road rage.” Anchorage Daily News (2010): [database online.] 05 04 2010.

[original ADN link, web cache, original Alaska Commons post]

  • Tucker, Joshua. “UAA’s Booher and Brown lose their Assembly bids.”the Northern Light (2010): [database online.] 13 04 2010.

[original TNL link, web cache]

  • McBride, Rhonda. “Poe drops out of race for governor.” KTUU (2010): [database online.] 14 06 2009.

[original KTUU linkweb cache]

  • Ross, E.. “No Unity Without Equality: A Diversity Dinner to Remember.” Bent Alaska (2009): [database online.] 28 09 2009.

[original Bent Alaska link, web cache]

  • Devon, Jeanne. “Anchorage Celebrates True Diversity.” the Mudflats(2009): [database online.] 28 09 2010.

[original Mudflats link, web cache]

  • Hopkins, Kyle. “Unions, others mount protest of mayor’s ‘unity’ dinner.”Anchorage Daily News (2009): [database online.] 24 09 2009.

[original ADN link, web cache]

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